Commercial Properties and Commercial Heating Systems

Commercial Properties and Commercial Heating systems

As a business, when looking into all the different types of Commercial Heating systems it is important to research and compare the different commercial heating options that are out there.  This is important to find the most reliable and applicable heating system to have the maximum effect and efficiency needed to heat the property.

Find the Right Commercial Heating System

The research stage is essential for finding the right commercial heating system for your property. You need to take into careful consideration several things to make sure the central heating system chosen is the most effective unit for the property.

The commercial properties heating system needs to be able to sustain consistent cooling or heating. Take consideration into the size of the property and the system needed to function fully within the building. If it is a larger property such as a warehouse or factory you need a system that can easily reach the entire building. Also, the efficiency of the central heating system is an important factor. If it is a small office block or generally smaller property you want to get a certain amount of output for your company’s requirements, you must have the right-sized appliance working efficiently and cost-effectively in the space that it is required. Always make sure your commercial heating system is installed by expert professional gas engineers.

Types of Commercial Heating Systems include:

Warm Air commercial heating systems

The warm air commercial heating system is one of the most efficient and cost-effective commercial heating systems on the market today. The warm air heating system uses a boiler or heat exchanger to heat the air and then is circulated throughout the building using specialist vents for a greater reach across the whole property.

This particular heating system can usually be found within commercial buildings consisting of large office spaces including computer equipment as heat can be circulated instantly and easily controlled within the commercial property. Furthermore, the warm air commercial heating system, unlike wet heating, produces a drier heat removing moisture in the air.

Wet Heating Commercial Heating SystemCommercial Heating

This is one of the UK’s most popular commercial heating system available today. Most commercial properties with large open spaces, high ceilings and little insulation are not suited for warm air commercial heating as it is less effective and applicable to properties with the features mentioned above. Although this system works similarly to warm air conditioning Water is heated via a boiler and pumped through a sealed radiator system to heat rooms Instead of warm air, therefore wet heating systems are more cost-effective and economical to run in said properties.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is slowly becoming the most popular commercial heating option throughout both the domestic and commercial heating market. This is because huge advances in heat pump technology mean underfloor heating has become more efficient, more cost-effective and cheaper to install throughout the whole commercial property than it would be to install a wet heating commercial system. Underfloor heating can easily feed heated water through underfloor pipes to evenly distribute heat into each room and across the entire commercial building.