Industrial Labelling

Can You Buy Eco-Friendly Industrial Labels? 

Now more than ever, most businesses are trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible. It is very important to be responsible and source supplies which will have as little environmental impact as possible. Due to the growing range of ecomaterials being manufactured, this has started to filter down to industrial labels and print. Many responsible suppliers of industrial labelling have now developed sustainable options without compromising on quality, due to increased customer demand.  

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Types of Sustainable Industrial Labels  

Compared to usual label materials, which will take hundreds of years to break down, these newly developed materials bio-degrade in only a couple of months.  

Biodegradable Self-Adhesive Paper 

Materials such as sugar cane, hemp and linen create a popular choice for eco-friendly industrial labels, with both the face material and adhesive being biodegradable and suitable to be composted.  

These A gloss or matte ‘wood-free paper labels are durable and can be used in many types of industrial print. The quality of sugarcane paper is excellent for making high-quality adhesive labels. 

Nature Flex Self Adhesive Film 

Another option for industrial labelling is a clear or white gloss nature flex filmic material. They are made from renewable sources cellulosea wood pulp derivativeThis type of material is oil and grease resistant, making the material much more versatile than regular paper. 

Choose responsibly sourced materials 

In the manufacturing industry, nearly everything must have a label to make it easily identifiable. The latest printing technologies labels allow you to have a product no matter the environment. 

As the adhesives used for coating are non-harmful and will biodegrade, they are ideal for Food PackagingHealthcare, and the Medical sector. They are also an excellent choice if being ‘green’ and good for the environment is part of your brand identity. You can certify that the brand packaging is eco-friendly, which in turn might have a direct impact on customers returning and continuing to make purchases.