Alcester Storage



Alcester is a market town in Warwickshire, located near to Stratford Upon Avon. For residents living within the area who need to store their belongings for various reasons including:

  • Not enough space in their household
  • Do not want to store assets in household
  • Storing belongings whilst moving to a new house
  • To avoid damage of possessions

There are also many other reasons, however, we have only named a few for example purposes.

Storage Units

How does storage work?

Firstly, you will need to choose what type of storage you require. This will depend on the items you wish to store and the quantity of them. There is a range of storage options available on the market which include:

  • Budget boxes
  • Storage units (available in different sizes)
  • Crate storage

Next, you will need to find a company which will be able to provide you with the storage option you require. All these storage options are available near to, or in the Alcester area. Once you have found the company you wish to use, contact them and arrange to view the storage room. We highly advise this, as this will allow you to see the security of the facilities, ask any questions you may have etc.

If after your viewing you want to go ahead with renting their storage facilities, you will need to sign a contract and arrange a date to move your belongings in on.

An Easy Guide to Gear Cutting

Gear Cutting

Gear cutting is any machining process for creating a gear. The most common gear-cutting processes include hobby, broaching, milling and grinding. These cutting operations may occur either after or instead of performing processes such as forging, extruding, investment casting or sand casting.


There Are Various Types of Gear Cutting Including:

  • Spurs
  • Bevel
  • Helical
  • Moulded
  • Racks
  • Worm and worm wheels
  • Internal gears

 Gear Cutting

The Process of Broaching:

For larger gears, a vertical broach is used. It consists of a vertical rail that carrier s single tooth cutter formed to create the tooth shape. Some machines will cut to a depth on the Y-axis and index the rotary table automatically.


The Process of Hobbing:

Hobbing is a method which a hob is used to cut teeth into a blank gear. The cutter and blank gear are rotated at the same time to allocate the profile of the hob onto the gear blank. The hob must make one revolution to create every tooth of the gear. This process of gear cutting is used very often for all sizes of production runs but works best for medium to high.


The Process of Milling and Grinding:

A spur may be cut or ground on a milling machine utilising a gear cutter and any indexing head or rotary table. The number of the gear cutter is determined by the tooth count of the gear to be cut. To machine a helical gear on a manual machine, a true indexing fixture must be used. Indexing fixtures can disengage the drive worm and be attached via an external gear train to the machine table’s handle.

After the gear cutting has taken place and it is finished by shaving, burnishing, grinding, honing or lapping.

Made to Measure Wardrobes

We answer your fitted wardrobe questions – no matter how stupid you think they are!

brown leather bag in shelf

When installing a made to measure wardrobe, there are a lot of questions you might have. Often people are afraid to ask these questions for fear of being deemed stupid by their wardrobe fitters. Well, we’ve compiled some of the most commonly asked made to measure wardrobe questions so you don’t have to embarrass yourself.

Is it easy to remove fitted wardrobes?

A lot of people who are looking to install a made to measure wardrobe want to make sure they can go back on it if they’re not a fan. We’re here to tell you that although it is possible to remove your fitted wardrobe, it isn’t the easiest process. Removing a fitted wardrobe will require a crowbar and you will need to patch up the wall afterwards. We would say think carefully about fitting a bespoke wardrobe because removing it will not be easy.

Do fitted wardrobes have backs?

You can choose to have a back on your made to measure wardrobe but a lot of the time, people do not have a back as it wastes space. Something to think about when choosing whether to have a back on your bespoke wardrobe is whether you will want to repaint the wall as this will be on display when the wardrobe is fitted and how adding a back might reduce your storage space.

Are fitted wardrobes old fashioned?

When we found out that people were asking this question, we were shocked. Although the made to measure wardrobe has been around for centuries, people still seem to think that it can’t be modern and fancy. Well, to answer this question, all we can say is no, fitted wardrobes are not old fashioned.

Can you put fitted wardrobes on an outside wall?

You can put a fitted wardrobe on an outside wall but heed this warning, if your house has a problem with mould, building your fitted wardrobe against an outside wall could just perpetuate the issue. So, we would recommend choosing the back wall of your made to measure wardrobe carefully.

Are sliding wardrobes good?

We can answer this question with one word: yes. So, what are you waiting for? Get fitting your made to measure wardrobe today.