Different Types of Racking

There are many different types of pallet racking available on the market. The type of racking that would suit you will depend on the space available, how you want to utilise the racking and the type of goods you are storing.

In this article, we will differentiate the different types of racking to help you understand what type of racking you would benefit from.

Wide aisle racking

Wide aisle pallet racking is designed to store palletised loads and due to this, the system is made up of horizontal beams and upright frames which allows the necessary change of stock.

Wide Aisle Racking

The benefits:

Some benefits of wide aisle pallet racking include:

  • Unrestricted access to all pallets.
  • Gain access to pallets at any given time.
  • The beams which the system is made up of, are adjustable and therefore can be reconfigured and redesigned at any time.
  • This system offers a high throughput speed.
  • Unlike other types of racking, there is not any specialist equipment required.

Very narrow aisle racking

Very narrow aisle pallet racking is also known as VNA racking. It is often used in smaller warehouses due to the small aisles. On average, these systems tend to free approximately 45% of floor space. This allows you to store more goods in your warehouse, without the need to re-locate.

VNA Racking

However, these systems require specialist trucks in order to function.

The benefits:

The benefits of VNA racking include:

  • Offers up to 45% space utilisation.
  • Maximum aisle width of 5m.
  • This system offers a high throughput speed.